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    The Deutsch Nigerianischer Kultur Verein e.V. (DNKV e.V.) is a non Governmental
    and Cultural Organisation that is aimed at promoting a long term Socio-Cultural
    and Bilateral Relationship between the German and Nigerian Cultures, through
    Arts & Culture, Sport Activities, Arts & Cultural Exhibitions, Cultural & Educational
    Information Exchange, Symposiums, Art Works Trade Fairs and Tourism .
    The Organisation was Founded and Legally Registerd in 1995 in Witten Northern
    Germany under the supervision of the former Nigerian Federal Minister of Information
    and Culture, Dr. Walter Ofanagoro and the former German Lord Mayor of Witten,
    Mr. Klaus Lohman. The Organisation has however played an Important role in
    promoting the German and Nigerian Cultures alike.

    Please look around and don't forget lo leave a message in our guest book.
    Thanks and Have a nice day!

    Dr. med. Daniel Ubani
    President Deutsch Nigerianischer Kulturverein e.V. Witten