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  • The Deutsch Nigerianischer Kulturverein e.V.

    The Deutsch Nigerianischer Kulturverein e.V. was Founded on 27 August 1995,
    during a private visit of the then Nigerian Federal Minister of Information and Culture,
    Dr. Walter Ofonagoro in Witten, together with the former Lord Mayor of Witten, Mr. Klaus Lohmann, Dr. Daniel Ubani and several Councilors. The Association is a Registered organisation in the District Court of Witten and applies to the whole of BRD (federal republic of germany).
    The members work voluntarily and selflessly.

    The association has as its goal the promotion of social-friendship, cultural and sporting
    relations between Nigeria and Germany. Among others, the association aims to promote international understanding, business relationship and tourism.

    The Organisation Constitutional aims are supported through events, publications,
    and creating a personal encounter possibility with notable personalities.

    We hope through our efforts to understand the specific problems between germans and nigerians and to win the interest of both races, especially to make an important contribution to the reduction of prejudice and racial discrimination against Africans Living in Germany.

    The development of the Association was not always easy, epecially during the years of the worst military dictatorship period in Nigeria. Against this background, it was very difficult to inspire the people here  in Germany with the subject Nigeria, since only negative headlines came out from the country.

    The Association still stands for freedom and democracy in Nigeria (with 150 million inhabitants, the largest country in the world with black population, with more than 250 ethnic tribes, rich in mineral resources such as oil and gas, etc.) and also support the young inevitable democratic rule, Since the return to democracy in Nigeria and to an elected Government on 29th of May 1999.

    The association has always been supported since its inception and also with moral resources of the city by the Sparkasse Witten and Witten. For this we are grateful. In this context, we wish to highlight the support and the backing of former mayor Klaus Lohmann, who was the second chairman of the association.

    All people on earth have a culture, as well as Nigeria, which is the most populous Country in Africa''  
    in quote, His Royal Highness Oba Akenzua II, the Oba of Benin in today's EDO State in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

    For the people of Benin & Edo State, this means an immeasurably rich cultural heritage that can look back over 3000 years
    . Nigerian scholars and followers of African arts and culture has described the Nigerian culture as a 
    "Living culture"
    because it is deeply rooted to its past, as it stands out in the antiquities of our ancestors.

    Archaeological discoveries in Nigeria witnessed the unique of art and cultural history
    of Nigeria. For example, the NOK terracottas in Jos, northern Nigeria, the most ancient terracotta Fund (1943), south of the Sahara, back to the period from 800 BC to 200 AD.

    The IFE terracottas, bronzes and wood sculptures of the Yorubas in western Nigeria,
    may prove a real continuity over more than 2500 years, between the period 11 and 15 Century AD The finds are in the majority of heads, materials are terracotta, brass and copper.

    Among others, the Igbo-Ukwu terracottas of the Igbos in eastern Nigeria, an essentiall findings of bronze vessels and ornaments, that can be dated back to the 9th and 10th Century AD.

    The Binin (EDO State Nigeria) had a dynasty since the 12th Century AD, the Benin art has existed since the 16th Century, namely bronze, ivory and wood. Just to mention a few........

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    Thanks and Have a nice day!

    Dr. med. Daniel Ubani
    President Deutsch Nigerianischer Kulturverein e.V. Witten